Rev Julian Penfold: "Perhaps spring is here and better days are ahead"

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Rev Julian Penfold: "Perhaps spring is here and better days are ahead"

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Those of you who know me know that I live on a working farm, and every morning as we do the rounds and check on the livestock we take our two dogs with us. For the last few months every morning it seems to have been wet and miserable, with the clay soil getting claggier and claggier and my wife and I as well as the dogs coming back home covered in mud and soaking wet.

But this morning (Friday 26th Feb) was different. It was a crisp fresh morning with the sun shining bright across the white frosted fields. Yes it was cold but it was firm underfoot so we could wrap up warm against the cold and enjoy the bright sunshine that brought the promise of a good day at last. And we could walk across the fields without feeling the cold wet mud squirting up our trousers as we walked through a muddy puddle. Perhaps spring is here and better days are ahead.

It got me thinking about the Covid situation. Surely, we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The bad statistics are going down, with fewer people losing their lives and fewer people contracting the virus. Fewer people are in hospital on ventilators, and around the corner is the roadmap for coming out of the lockdown. So for a while, yes we do have to “wrap up warm” and protect ourselves from the virus, but ahead is the promise of better times.

Then, of course as a Christian, my mind turned to God. We are in the church season of Lent – a time of preparing ourselves for the great celebration of Easter. As Christians we spend more of our time in Lent reflecting on our lives and how we can be better people, and if we are being honest with ourselves sometimes these reflections can be pretty cruel to us as we perhaps think of some of the things that we have done in the past so that we can resolve not to do them in the future. Dark and miserable times. But ahead of us is the great celebration of Easter and the joyful hope of the time that is to come. But for now I wrap myself up in the warmth of extra prayers (why not join me on St Martins Facebook page every morning) and my extra bible reading knowing that God is with me and in the end all things will be OK.

God bless and stay safe.

Rev Julian.

St Martins, Alfreton


Editor and mum to two small children :D

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