What you said about the impact of Covid-19 on Alfreton

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What you said about the impact of Covid-19 on Alfreton

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Supporting local businesses and encouraging more independent retailers to set up in Alfreton are key to helping the town to thrive after Covid-19, according our audience.

Inspired by a report exploring the steps policy makers could take to help the country recover from Covid-19 last month we asked you to tell us how you thought the pandemic has affected life in Alfreton.

We asked you about a range of issues – homelessness, community spirit and how to help Alfreton thrive after Covid-19.

The survey, which ran for a month, has now closed and we are able to share the results with you.


Of those who took part, 33 per cent were furloughed and are now back at work. None of the participants lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic.


The majority of people who took our survey – 89 per cent – think homelessness is an issue in Alfreton.

Further to this, the majority of participants – 67 per cent – think that homelessness in Alfreton has got worse since the beginning of the pandemic.

The High Street

The majority of respondents – 89 per cent - think that the pandemic has had an impact with Alfreton’s High Street, with one commenting: "Shops have closed".

Support for those affected by Covid-19

Again, 89 per cent of participants said there isn’t enough support for individuals and businesses affected by the pandemic.

Helping Alfreton to thrive after the pandemic

We asked you what you thought could, or should be done, to help our town thrive after Covid-19 and there was a key theme running through everyone’s answers – supporting local businesses.

Here are a couple of your answers…

"More help for businesses."

"Incentives to attract independent shops, not large chains."

"Everyone needs to buy from and support local businesses."

Do you agree with what people have had to say?

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