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Latest on the property market and moving house

There has been a rise in housing market activity since the government announced their stamp duty freeze until the end of March 2021. Reports say also that property prices have accelerated by around 6% during November as purchasers race to catch the “no stamp duty” window, the highest rate in 6 years. Experts expect a slow down during December as a direct result of the national lockdown last month while people reassess but a good start still to 2021 until the stamp duty comes back in again at the start of April 2021.

Will there be a property crash in 2021? Experts are divided on this as long as low interest rates prevail but negotiations will surely level things off a little. The momentum may well carry forward though as people have changed their working practices and although many may be returning to their place of work it appears that the option to work from home is not only available but encouraged in many instances with a balance between the two.

There is a definite move to leave the big cities and look for proximity to greener spaces too but that could then give way to investors buying to let in the cities for the part-time pad that suits those striking this working balance between office and home.

Can you move during a pandemic? Absolutely you can and I’ve just experienced the process. Its straight forward, albeit with Covid practices in place for protection when viewing or holding viewings, and in my experience, everyone took this on board. It also perhaps precludes those looking out of interest to those that are serious about their intentions. Be prepared for lots of email correspondence and minimal personal contact of course but once you’ve made your decisions, what more do you want?

Personally, I have great recommendations in my process and I’m very happy to list them:

Sale of property: Richard Savidge Estate Agents, King Street, Alfreton
Purchase of property: Smartmove Estate Agents, Ripley
Solicitors: Ellis-Fermor and Negus, Ripley and Belper

And finally, because I’m having work carried out at my purchased property:

Storage and removals: Storage 4U, Ambergate
I have put items into storage while building work takes place and they offer a great solution with storage units of all sizes on rolling licenses per month. So easy. There is an option for carrying out the removals too, but I have three sons – need I say more 😊

So …. Don’t be afeard if you want to move, now is the time!

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